This weekend was BEYOND what i could ever ask for. Lots of Kyle, shopping, big buildings, and CHRIS CARRABA! amazing.

so there, i updated it ADDISON IRVING BJORK!
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this is crazy, but for some reason im updating. oh i really have nothing to say. i dont like to sit and complain anymore. but i do know i love all my friends :) and since jenny is the only one to read this really.. I GUESS THAT MEANS YOU.

what a day!

well.. work was definately alright. im tan from being outside all day so that makes everyone a little better.. but besides that Kyle and I hung out after work.. we just talked for awhile and it was soo nice. I know him a lot better and I'm excited. We're hanging out tomorrow. ahhhh I'm soo... GLAD!!!! this definately came at a perfect time.

i love you saucey schwartz!!! SCHAWING.. you'll always be my garthey... "GET THE NET" hahahah
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    HOT HOT HEAT!! (hahah jennnnny theyre on tv...)

Adddddison Bjork..

Ohhhh today is just a fine day. The weather is nice out, I'm about to head to work, and Linds and I are hanging out tonight, and maybe Caleb.. but really my point of this is to say how wonderful Addison is! I read his journal and now I miss him! Youre such a good guy Add.. our time together was so much fun. It was always just YOU and I. That's what was so great about it, because we developed a friendship above all else. You were always so nice to me, and we had such a wonderful break up, lol and I say that because we're still friends today and.. even at the time we handled it well. So move back to Fishers bc I miss my best friend!!

..also, i miss justin!!
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    THE beautiful mistake (hahaha, thanks anonymous)

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Summer is so amazing. Just because I can go outside late at night and walk around aimlessly and not have to worry about a damn thing. I can sleep in late, be with people every day.. its great. Even working isn't that bad... scooping ice cream is kinda fun.

So I'm excited for dinner.. and I'm excited for the rest of my summer.

I am very satisfied at this moment...

So take it slow, even stop every now and again, when i say when, here we go. On our way to sudden change, turn the tables to point the other way, and if I stop breathing keep your arms around me.
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